That's where it all began

Local histories from Rheinhessen

Our Heimat and the way we live have been characterized by wine and vines. For centuries. Alzey, which is situated in Rheinhessen, is a spot full of traditions and forward-looking thirst for action. Alzey is the synonym of a positive way of life. Its surroundings and its landscape are a great experience.

Alzey is my Heimat. It’s the place where I grew up, where it all began. Kaisergarten, my playground, my childhood. The Kaisergarten is the place where I've learned to ride a bike and where I got my first cut. (I have learned it, though.)

"That's what the Kaisergarten means to me."

A place to meet, a place to live and enjoy. It's the place of my childhood, characterized by family life, hard work in the vineyards around Alzey, happiness and bliss. For each of us, Heimat has a different meaning. For me, Heimat is inextricably linked with the perfect time I had at the "Kaiser". It's a pleasure to be able to live here with my family.

Yours sincerely, Petra Brand and Family

"The Kaisergarten has always been a place to meet."

I used to play in this large open square called Kaisergarten with the neighbours' children who lived in all those little houses surrounding it. I was an only child with a sheltered upbringing, yet never lonely. There was always someone to play or to explore things with. Together with my grandparents, my parents were running a typical Rheinhessen mixed farm. Wheat and wine had a prevailing influence on my life. While my parents and my grandfather were working in the fields, I stayed at home with my grandmother. In the evenings, when the day's work had been done and my grandfather returned home with his so-called Pluggskarrn, all the children were gathering together. The Pluggskarrn, the Rheinhessen name for a cart carrying the plough, was pulled by our grey horse Heidi. And when Heidi was finally left to rest in her stable, we children put the rocking horse in front of the cart and played "Wild, Wild West". Marvellous! The Kaisergarten has always been a place to meet. We have had a wonderful time.