Looking around. Tasting. Falling in love.

Our Wine Shop

With only the best produce from two wine-growing estates with a long tradition, our wines prove to be tasteful individualists and classy companions in every situation. They are ideal as presents or as a special treat for yourself at home, for very special moments or groovy parties, for a Sunday lunch or a Saturday night barbecue, in front of the fireplace, at sunset, or the like! With their finest quality and excellent flavour they are perfect for every occasion.  

Our wines are full of passion, full of complexion, full of strength and lightness. There's much more in our wines than just truth. Our wines are the synonym for a positive way of life. They reflect the elemental force of our vineyards as well as our love for Rheinhessen's culinary delights. The beautiful atmosphere of our Wine Shop offers you the opportunity to leisurely taste our wines, get acquainted with them and discover your favourite wine in peace and quiet.

Selected delicacies

As perfect companions to our wines you'll also find fine and hand-picked delicacies such as our tasty mustards, finest chocolates, pasta specialities and mouth-watering chutneys. Some of them are even home-made. Find inspiration!


It's all very simple

Our wines find their way directly into your wine rack, avoiding expensive trade channels. Finest quality directly from the wine-grower. Fair-minded and authentic. If your shopping happens to turn out a bit more extensive - you can park your car just outside the Wine Shop. As you see - everything is very simple. Come and see us. We are looking forward to all wine connoisseurs and those who will proudly call themselves wine connoisseurs once they have visited our premises!


If you are not exactly sure what kind of wine or accessory you are looking for, we will help you to find out - that's most certain. We will be happy to advise you. There's always someone here to help you.